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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your Giclee prints ship framed?

No. Our giclee prints ship unframed.  We do not perform framing services. We do work with several high quality framers.  


Can you explain the sizing information?

Our Giclee Prints generally come in four different sizes.  These sizes are all rough approximations and not exact sizes.  As each painting has a slightly different aspect ratio each print also has a slightly different aspect ratio. All sizes published are sheet sizes and are not image sizes.  All of our prints have a white border around them which frames up the piece.  This white boarder can be approximately 1.5 inches on our small and medium sized prints and a bit larger for our large and extra large prints.   This white border allows for a secure installation in the frame and the option of float framing should you desire. 

Our Small Giclee print is printed on an approximate 11"x13" sheet with an 8"x11" approximate image size.  

Our Medium Giclee Print is printed on an approximate 17" x 23" sheet with an 14"x 20" approximate image size. 

Our Large Giclee Print is printed on an approximate 23"x34" sheet with an 20"x 31" approximate image size. 

Our Extra Large Giclee Print is printed on an approximate 33x43 sheet with 29"x40" approximate image size. 

As these prints come at a considerable price to produce we will not be offering refunds or replacements regarding sizing unless the size you ordered was completely different than the size you received.  Do understand that different paintings have different aspect ratios and these figures should be treated as a rule of thumb and not an exact measurement.   If you need an exact measurement on a particular item please contact us first. 


I noticed after Don signed the painting there would be a W.W. or an NWS or an AWS after his name.  What do these mean?

These represent the different guilds Don was in during his professional career.  The W.W. stands for Watercolor West and was the first guild he was in during the early 1980s, at some point in the 90s he became a member of the NWS, the National Watercolor Society.  In 1992 he joined the American Watercolor Society and remained a member until his passing in 2007.  So depending on what he signed his painting with you now have an idea of when he painted it.  We will often refer to paintings as his "Watercolor West Era" or "AWS Era" to signify his works at different points of his career.  Very few paintings will not have anything following his signature and these would all be from some point before he joined the WW and likely pre-1980. 

Do you do framing?

No we do not.  We work closely with several framers you can find on our authorized retailers page and we recommend using them.  We can deliver your print directly to a framer and save you time and worry about regular UPS delivery.   

How long does it take to get the print after I have ordered it?

We do not keep our prints in a warehouse and ship them out as ordered.  They are produced in small batches and shipped out after production.  This allows us to have a catalog of over 100 different prints and produce them in four different sizes.  We usually need anywhere from a week to three weeks to fill up our production batch requirements.  So you can expect to receive your print in anywhere from one to four weeks. 

How are your prints produced?

We are proud to produce the best Giclee prints possible.  These prints are individually produced with the highest standards of quality on watercolor paper with archival inks.  When properly framed they should hold their brilliance for decades.  All of the sizes on our website are rough approximates, each painting has a slightly different aspect ratio and therefore each print also has a slightly different measurements.  The prints are printed with a white boarder all around them to protect the image from any sort of corner scuff.  This white border is anywhere from 1.5" on our smallest prints to 3-5 inches on our largest prints.

I would like to place a bulk order, will you offer a discount? 

Depending on what you are ordering we can work with you a bit.  Contact us for details. 

I need an exact color match can I see printed samples?

All computer monitors are slightly different so to get an exact color match we recommend you visit a local dealer and see their in stock samples.  The framers who we work with are highly skilled at choosing matte combinations which can bring out or mute certain colors in a painting thus giving you a bit of flexibility with your color matching.  It is much easier to match matte colors than it is pigment/giclee colors. 

I am worried about the product shipping to me, what do you recommend?

We recommend having your print shipped directly to one of our authorized retailers.  They are equipped to store the print and make sure it did not arrive damaged and that it was the right print that arrived. 

The print that arrived to me was not the correct image or was not the correct size.  What should I do?

Sometimes the sizes are slightly different from the approximate sizes listed will be a bit different from the actual size.  However, if the print is in a completely different size category (like you ordered a medium and got a small) this is an error and we will correct it.  Contact us via our contact form.  Likewise if the print in question is a different image than the one you ordered we will also rectify that as well. 

The print that arrived was damaged.  What should I do?

Take pictures of it and send them to us.  We will rectify the situation. 

The print arrived in good condition, and was the right size, and the right image, but I no longer want it, can I return it?

No.  Our prints are custom produced for you.  The cost of production, packaging, and shipping is considerable.   Because of this we have an All Sales Final policy.  Some of our retail locations do offer in stock exchanges for prints of matching size.  This is left to our individual stores.   If you feel you have a special circumstance please contact us. 

I have been given a giclee print, can I return it?

No.  You were given a custom produced print and we do not allow returns. 

I own an original Don O'Neill painting, do I own the copyright of this piece of art?

No.  You do not own the copyright.  Don O'Neill maintained all of the copyright for all of his original works sold.  We hope you enjoy your painting and are proud to display it in your home or place of business but you may not reproduce the image for commercial purposes.

I own a Don O'Neill painting and I would like to use the image for commercial purposes, is this possible?

We handle this as a case by case basis.  Please contact us with the details of what you would like to do and we will get back to you. 

I own a Don O'Neill original painting or a giclee print, is it alright if I display it in my place of business?

Absolutely!  We are always thrilled when businesses want to display both original works and giclee prints in their businesses.  This does not in any way infringe copyright. 

I own a Don O'Neill painting and would like to make my own reproductions, is this possible?

No.  This would be violating copyright law.  However, we can scan your painting and produce giclee prints for you. 

I own a Don O'Neill painting and would like an estimate of the value, can you help me?

Yes.  Contact us using the contact form and we will get back to you. 

I own a Don O'Neill original painting and would like to sell it, can you help me?

Yes.  We have a network of retailers who we can recommend and we also have an index of people who buy Don's original art.  We do require that you are able to bring the painting to Riverside California.  Contact us and we will sell it for you. 

I own a Don O'Neill original painting, would you be interested in scanning it?

We highly recommend allowing us to scan your original painting because if we popularize the painting it will become more valuable if you decide to sell it in the future.  Due to the high cost of scanning paintings, we have to be selective of what we scan.  We are currently prioritizing scenes of San Diego, San Francisco, Orange County, Los Angeles and Catalina.  If you have something different we would still love to see it. 

I own a Don O'Neill original painting, if I allow you to scan it do I get paid royalties?

No. You do not own the copyright and thus are not entitled to any royalties from us reproducing a painting in which you own.  You own the original work, not the copyright of the work. 

I have a retail location and I would like to sell Don O'Neill giclee prints, are you looking for dealers?

YES.  We are looking for more stores to carry our prints in.  There are a few marketplaces which we have deals with our authorized dealers to not having competitors but we are mostly open.  Contact us.  We would like to work with you. 

I have a retail location and I would like to sell Don O'Neill cards or other products, are you looking for these kinds of retail partners?

Yes we are also looking for partners in this area as well.  Contact us for details. 

Would you consider donating a giclee print to our charity efforts?

We have a coupon code program which allows your supporters to buy giclee prints from us at a small discount and we will then donate matching prints to your cause or we will donate a commission to your cause.   This gives much greater flexibility for your supporters to get whatever they like from our catalog and to still bring in money for your cause.  If you would like to know more please contact us.  We would like to work with you. 


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