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Shipping & Returns


Our prints are custom printed as you order and because of this we do not allow returns unless the product arrived to you damaged or there was an error in your order.  If you receive a print that is damaged or a print that is not the one you ordered please contact us using our form here on DonONeill.com We will verify the damage and will send you a replacement at no cost.  For customers living in the Riverside CA area we usually handle deliver prints and we will pick them up if they arrived to you in a damaged manner.  You can always have your prints shipped directly to your framer to avoid damaging them at home. 

Limited Edition Prints-

Our limited edition prints may have slight wear. These are from Don's studio and are anywhere from 10 to 30 years old. During that time they may have accumulated slight wear and tear. While the prints look great and make a wonderful piece to frame do not expect to receive a mint condition print.

Note:  There may be a difference in color between the images as viewed on DonONeill.com and between the prints.  Images on DonONeill.com are for preview purposes only.  We strive to produce the best looking print we possibly can.  If for any reason you need to see the giclee prints first for color purposes we highly recommend you visit one of our authorized retailers and they will be more than happy to assist you.  We do not allow for returns based on color profile. 


Shipping:  We process your orders as fast as we get them.  The prints are custom printed on a per order basis and between production and shipping is 1-4 weeks.  We currently only ship to the United States.  We take great care when shipping our giclee prints.  For our small, medium, and large prints an unbendable cardboard box is created for each order and the giclee prints are shipped flat to avoid any curling issues.  For our very large prints a large tube is used. 

We highly advise taking the packaged print directly to your framer and open it there instead of opening it at your home or office. 

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